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Famous Trials
Source: University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Law

Documentation and summaries of some of the most famous trials from 399 B.C. to present, as compiled and written by Professor Douglas Linder. Information for many trials includes newspaper accounts, trial records including transcripts, Supreme Court arguments and decisions, letters or diary entries, images, chronologies, and Linder's summaries. Trials include: Trial of Socrates, Trial of Jesus, Trial of Galileo, Salem Witchcraft Trials, John Peter Zenger Trial, Boston Massacre Trials, Mutiny on the Bounty Court-Martial, Burr Conspiracy Trial, Amistad Trials, Dakota Conflict Trials, Lincoln Conspiracy Trial, Johnson Impeachment Trial, Susan Anthony Trial, Louis Riel Trial, Lizzie Borden Trial, Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, Bill Haywood Trial, Sheriff Shipp Trial, Triangle Fire Trial, Black Sox Trial, Sacco-Vanzetti Trial, Leopold and Loeb Trial, Scopes "Monkey" Trial, Sweet Trials, Scottsboro Boys Trials, Hauptmann (Lindbergh) Trial, Nuremberg Trials, Alger Hiss Trials, Rosenberg Trial, Lenny Bruce Trial, Mississippi Burning Trial, Chicago 7 Trial, My Lai Courts Martial, Charles Manson Trial, John Hinckley Jr. Trial, Chamberlain "Dingo" Trial, McMartin Preschool Trial, LAPD Officers' (King Beating) Trial, O.J. Simpson Trial.
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The Menendez Brothers
Source: Court TV

Profiles the Menendez Brothers murder trial. Includes a detailed trial timeline and key documents relating to the case.
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Genetic Fingerprinting
Source: Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia

This is an encyclopedia article about genetic fingerprinting, otherwise known as DNA testing, DNA identification, or DNA profiling. The article discusses how genetic fingerprinting is done and how it is used in criminal investigations and trials. The article also provides an overview of famous cases involving DNA evidence, with links to learn more about each case.
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The Rosenbergs: A Case of Love, Espionage, Deceit, and Betrayal
Source: Court TV

Profile of the Rosenberg case, in which Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with espionage for giving American atomic secrets to the Soviets during World War II. Includes information about the Rosenbergs, the trial, sentencing, and the other people involved with the case.
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O.J. Simpson Murder Case
Source: Court TV

Profiles the O.J. Simpson murder case. Includes a detailed trial timeline; descriptions of the key players in the case; photos; a video of Johnny Cochran's closing argument; transcripts and videos of interviews or testimony of Simpson, Robert Shapiro, Mark Fuhrman, Keto Kaelin, and others involved; and key documents relating to the case.
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