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Separation of Powers
Source: Findlaw

This link provides a basic definition of Separation of Powers from Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law and also provides a hyperlink to a definition of State's Rights.
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Sources of Law
Source: National Constitution Center

Shorter definition of separation of powers than the definition given on the website. Also from a more reliable source.
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Glossary of Political Economy Terms- Separation of Powers
Source: Auburn University Dept. of Political Science

Complex definition of federalism and separation of powers by Dr. Paul Johnson. For someone who understands the concepts and wants more detailed information.
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Constitutional Topic: Separation of Powers
Source: The United States Constitution Online

This link explains where the Separation of Powers clause is found in the Constitution as well as gives a detailed explanation of the powers vested in each branch of the government by Steve Mount. There is also some history about where the concept of separation of powers came from.
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