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Resolving Consumer Disputes Through Mediation and Arbitration
Source: Federal Trade Commission

Describes mediation and arbitration of consumer disputes, as an alternative to a lawsuit. Topics covered include finding and choosing a dispute resolution program, and preparing for arbitration and mediation.
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Alternatives to Court
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Describes the use of mediation and arbitration to resolve legal disputes in Washington. Covers what arbitration and mediation are, how they work, how they are different, and how to find an organization that can mediate or arbitrate. Includes a brief description of Washington's requirement that certain disputes filed in court be arbitrated.
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Consumer's Guide to Legal Help on the Internet
Source: American Bar Association

General information on getting legal help and resolving legal problems. Includes information on hiring a lawyer, free legal help, handling legal matters yourself, legal information sources, and resolving difficulties with your lawyer.
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U.S. Code Title 17—COPYRIGHTS
Source: Cornell Law School/The Legal Information Institute

Link to the United States Code, Title 17 -- Copyrights. Includes subject matter and scope of copyright, ownership and transfer, duration, notice, deposit and registration, infringement and remedies, manufacturing requirements, arbitration royalty panels, protection of semiconductor chips, digital audio, sound recordings and music videos, protection of original designs. Note: Must answer a question before viewing page.
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FAQs About The Benefit Claims Procedure Regulation
Source: Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, United States Department of Labor

Detailed description, in a question and answer format, of the Federal regulations governing claims and appeals of people covered by their employers' health insurance plans, dental insurance plans, and prescription drug plans. The summary is developed for plan administrators, but it may also be useful to employees because it explains claims and appeal rights. Topics covered include: the types of health plans and claims covered by the federal regulations; the general requirements for health benefits claims procedures including the time within which claims must be decided, special rules for urgent care claims, when plans may require arbitration, what types of documents plans may ask participants to provide, and disclosures which must be made to plan participants about claims procedures; decisions about claims which a plan participant may appeal; the time within which appeals must be decided; access to medical records; and the use of a plan's claims procedures before filing a court case.
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