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Source: Washington State Bar Association

This web page has information about probate, which is a legal process for transferring property when an owner dies. Topics include Probate Proceedings; Probating an Estate; The Role of the Court; Time Required to Settle an Estate; Taxes, Fees and Costs; Making a Will; and Right of Survivorship.
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Source: Washington State Bar Association

Information on planning and writing wills, including Planning a Will, Making a Valid Will, Dying Without a Will, Valid Will Requirements, Probate, Changing or Revoking a Will, Updating a Will, Longevity of a Will, Keeping a Will Safe, Costs and Fees, and Services of an Attorney.
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Wills and Estate Planning
Source: Nolo

Contains information on wills and estate planning. Includes information on estate planning basics, wills, probate and executors, avoiding probate, living trusts, estate and gift taxes, life insurance, healthcare directives and powers of attorney, and funeral planning and organ donations.
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Revocable Living Trusts
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Defines revocable living trusts and explains how to establish this type of trust. Tips for selecting a trustee are given. Discusses how to avoid probate and the importance of guardianship and durable power of attorney. Briefly describes the fees and costs associated with revocable living trusts. Lists the advantages and disadvantages of having a revocable living trust.
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