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Unemployment Insurance (UI)
Source: United States Department of Labor

Information about federal and state unemployment insurance programs.
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Unemployment Insurance
Source: Workplace Fairness

Information about unemployment insurance. Includes information about eligibility, amount, filing a claim, appealing denial, and overpayments.
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Unemployment Insurance
Source: Washington State Employment Security Department

Homepage for the Washington Unemployment Insurance Program. Includes information and links to information covering filing weekly claims, benefits, FAQs, and more.
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Unemployment Insurance Safety Net Project
Source: National Employment Law Project

NELP advocates on behalf of the working poor. This page provides advocacy articles in favor of unemployment insurance.
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How Do I�? Answers to Your Unemployment Insurance Questions
Source: Washington State Employment Security Department

FAQ about unemployment insurance. Provides information about eligibility, receiving checks, administrative details, benefit disqualification, taxes, severance pay, pensions, and going to school while receiving benefits.
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