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You searched for: Who can help me resolve a dispute I have with a business in Washington?


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Washington Dispute Resolution Centers
Source: Resolution Washington

Describes the role of Resolution Washington, as follows: "to provide effective and inexpensive conflict resolution services to our respective communities." Main page includes link to other pages describing what mediation is, how the mediation process works in Washington Dispute Resolution Centers, what types of disputes are appropriate for Dispute Resolution Centers (almost any dispute), and locations and telephone numbers for Dispute Resolution Centers. Dispute Resolution Centers provide alternatives to resolving claims in courts.
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Resolving Disputes Between Consumers and Companies
Source: Better Business Bureau Serving Washington and Oregon

Describes the Better Business Bureau's program for resolving disputes between consumers and companies. The program is voluntary and the Better Business Bureau has no enforcement authority. The program handles complaints involving such issues as "misleading advertising, improper selling practices, non-delivery of goods or services, misrepresentation, un-honored guarantees or warranties, unsatisfactory service, credit or billing problems, contracts not fulfilled, etc." From this page, consumers may elect to file a complaint about a Washington or Oregon business, or link to other Web sites to file complaints about automobile manufacturers or charities.
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