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You searched for: Will my used car be covered by any warranties?


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Buying a Used Car
Source: Federal Trade Commission

Leaflet covering the following topics regarding buying used cars: payment options, dealer sales including the "buyer's guide" which must be posted, disclosures regarding warranties, implied (as opposed to written) warranties, manufacturer's warranties, dealer's warranties, service contracts, and spoken promises, private sales, what you should do before you buy a used car, what you can do and who you can contact about problems with your used car.
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Buying a Used Car
Source: Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

Includes the following information about buying a used car: determining what vehicle is appropriate for you, comparing prices, sources for used cars, the "Buyer's Guide" which must be posted on the vehicle, warranties, checklists for inspecting and road-testing, and negotiating and making the purchase.
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