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Resources for K-12 Teachers

This area of lawforwa provides links to classroom activities, background information and other resources for K-12 teachers. Also see the list of offered by the Washington State Bar Association's Council on Public Legal Education.

Teaching About Government: The U.S. Library of Congress offers a educate students about the government and the legislative process. In THOMAS's Legislative Resources for Teachers, you'll find classroom activities, lesson plans, primary sources, and links to information written just for kids.


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Teaching About the U.S. Constitution

Insuring that students understand the U.S. Constitution is key to preparing them to be informed, active citizens, which has always been a primary goal of public education. Indeed, schools are required by state and federal law to teach the Constitution; it is included in Washington's , and new federal legislation requires public schools to commemorate Constitution Day (September 17th).

  • See all of lawforwa's resources on the U.S. Constitution.
  • A wide variety of lesson plans and other educational material appropriate for use on Constitution Day have been compiled by the and .
  • A new American Bar Association program encourages educators and others to instigate .
  • Spurred by the new federal law, many will also celebrate Constitution Day.