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Prevent and Solve Legal Problems

In this area of lawforwa you will find resources for preventing common legal problems, and for solving them once they arise.

Coping With Bankruptcy: Personal bankruptcy is on the rise in Washington state, due to rising unemployment, home foreclosures, and other factors. Read about it in , and get practical information from KUOW-FM’s and .


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Consumers Object to Mandatory Arbitration

Mandatory arbitration is being used more and more by corporations to resolve disputes with customers. Many consumer advocates object to this trend, seeing it as a violation of consumers' rights. Mandatory arbitration is already written into many cell phone, credit card, and loan contracts.

  • provides a good overview of the issue, explaining why consumers are concerned about it.
  • The National Association of Consumer Advocates has created a aimed at consumers who want more information.
  • Chase, a major credit card lender, from its credit card contracts.