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Resources for K-12 Teachers

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This area of lawforwa provides links to classroom activities, background information and other resources for K-12 teachers. Let us know what you would like to see here by giving us feedback.

Here Comes the Judge: Teachers can invite judges to visit their classrooms and present lessons on a variety of law-related topics. Learn more about this Judges in the Classroom program at .


Business Law (10)
Civil Law (1)
Civil Rights and Liberties (2)
Consumer Law (2)
Courts (14)
Criminal Law (9)
Disability Law (2)
Domestic Violence (1)
Education (18)
Elections (8)
Employment Discrimination (1)
Family (1)
Government (2)
Government Benefits (3)
Health (2)
Historic Documents (11)
Historic Speeches, Debates and Hearings (12)
Historic Supreme Court Decisions (20)
Immigration (1)
Key Concepts (1)
Lawmaking (3)
Legal Resources (2)
Social Movements (2)
Youth (13)
Finding a Lawyer (2)
Working with Lawyers (1)
Courthouse Facilitators (1)
Lawyers' Duties and Responsibilities (2)

Teaching With Speeches

Powerful figures in American politics are often remembered for their most famous speeches. Explore two of lawforwa's resources:

  • The PBS web site offers an archive of , including text, audio clips and background information.
  • The web site of the at Stanford University contains a transcript of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech as well as links to lesson plans, other famous King speeches, a biography of King, and the original text of many of King's letters.