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About Us is a Washington nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to provide the people of Washington easy access to information on the law, the courts, the government, and civic rights and responsibilities. It is our hope to significantly expand and enhance this site in the very near future. If you are interested in more information or in assisting our endeavor, contact us using the link below.


Questions and comments about lawforwa may be sent by .


lawforwa was created by a partnership of the University of Washington's Educational Partnerships and Learning Technologies, the Washington State Bar Association's Council on Public Legal Education, the Washington State Bar Foundation, and the Seattle University School of Law. Funding for its development was provided by the Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Many individuals and organizations worked together to create lawforwa:

  • Louis Fox, Vice Provost for Educational Partnerships and Learning Technologies at the University of Washington, has provided vision, support and enthusiasm for the lawforwa project since its inception. Under his leadership, staff of the University's Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology have supplied invaluable technical expertise: Aaron Louie, Scott Macklin, Elin Martin, Eric Maddox and William Washington.
  • The Access to Justice Board, the Council on Public Legal Education and the Washington State Bar Association work together to make the justice system more understandable and accessible to all the people of Washington. Individuals who have provided leadership on lawforwa include Hon. Marlin Appelwick, Sherrie Bennett, Jonathan Franklin, Jean Holcomb, Don Horowitz, Joan Kleinberg, Hon. Mary Alice Theiler and Lindsay Thompson. Washington State Bar Association staff who have worked on lawforwa include Pam Inglesby, Rebecca Elder and James Kim.
  • Other contributors and supporters to lawforwa include Nick Anderson, Peter Berliner, Stacey Scrivener Bernstein, Janice Brewer, Peter Brickey, Sheryl Burgstahler, Jessica Coleman, Will Damon, Jennifer Dinning, Rishi Diwan, Katie Fearer, Amy Fields, Louis Fox, Mark Frye, Grace Gae, Lisa Hasselman, Bryan Hutton, Melody Ivory, Kate Janson, Colleen Kenny, Alicia Kikuchi, Victor Kim, Shawn Kitchin, Jason Knight, Marina Lamm, Marc Lampson, Kevin Long, Rachel Mammen, Kyle Martin, Lauren Matheney-Hamilton, Ilesa McAuliffe, Michael McCann, Sarah Mitchell, Ata Moshiri, Brandon Pacheco, Amy Paek, Stephanie Perttula, Katherine Plimpton, Greta Rieber, Moani Russell, Kevin Smith, Alex Sutherland, Erin Sweeney, John Tran, Rachel Twenge, Anastasia Yatsenko.