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To perform a quick search, go to our homepage and enter a question or keyword(s) about what you're searching for. Click 'go' and any resources that match your search will appear on the Search Results page.
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The advanced search contains more searching options than the quick search. There are two ways to perform an advanced search:
(1) Searching by resource categories, and (2) Advanced keyword search.

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Instructions for Searching Resource Categories
All resources on this site are categorized using values from the Purpose, Topic, and Type categories. You can select values from each of these categories to perform a complex search for resources.
To search using categories:
  1. From the scrolling menus, select as many values from each category as you�d like.
  2. Select �all values� (finds resources categorized with all of the selected values) or �at least one of the values� (finds resources categorized with at least one of the selected values).
  3. Click �Search�.

Instructions for Advanced Keyword Search
You can search for resources by specifying a search which includes: (1) all words, (2) an exact phrase, (3) at least one of the words listed, or (4) a resource that does not include specified words. Words should be separated by a space.
To perform an advanced keyword search:
  1. Enter the specific search criteria in the text box(es). (Multiple words should be separated by a space.)
  2. Click �Search�.